Agrippina Mwangi

IoT and Cloud based architectures augment the traditional SCADA by having more flexibility in data acquisition and more variety in data types. However, data from IoT is influenced by ambient conditions and quality of communication technologies. Cellular networks have been used outside the standard SCADA; however, the communication is limited by bandwidth and
strength. The project will model and design the IoT network architecture, taking into account the dependency of the electronic sensors and their performance in sensing, communication, and ambient conditions. The work will deploy software defined networks (SDN) and extend the state of the art by establishing new reliability assessment metrics. The metrics can beused to design and verify the IoT system resilience and reliability, identify and verify the
bottlenecks in communication, and provide specifications for control and protection functions design. The applications are in offshore wind plants, O&G platforms, and onshore transmission grids.

  • Host organisation: University of Utrecht, Netherland
  • PhD-enrolment: University of Utrecht
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Expected start date: ~Nov 2021
  • Secondment: Ørsted (6 months), EDF (4 months)

Research Directors:

  • Prof. Madeleine Gibescu
  • Dr. Thierry Coste
  • Dr Karsten Hvalkof Andersen