Jose Angel Leiva Vilaplana

Digitalization brings better controllability and observability of the system, hence enhance the utilization and efficiency of the physical infrastructure. Expansion of digital infrastructure has not been considered in the past system planning studies, due to the challenge in quantify the tangible and intangible benefits.

The ESR will develop quantitative assessment methods for cost benefit assessment (CBA) of ICT investment and establish a cyber-physical co-planning model based on net present value calculations according to future scenarios. Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) will be used to support decision-making process. The methods will be built on uses cases from consortium members.

  • Host organisation: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • PhD-enrolment: Technical University of Denmark
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Expected start date: ~Nov 2021
  • Secondment: NTNU (2 months), INSEC (2 months), NARI (2 months), UNSW (2 months), CSIRO (2 months)

Research Directors:

  • Dr. Guangya Yang, (InnoCyPES coordinator)
  • Mr. Frank Martin
  • Prof. Joe Dong