Nadine Kabbara

The work focuses on the communication architecture and information model design to facilitate the activation of services based on use cases. A use case describes the activation of services from distributed energy resources (DERs), where the model should coordinate transmission system operators and distribution system operators and the service providers to compromise different operating aims of the actors. As the services can be provided by different control approaches (centralized, decentralized, market based), the required information model to be exchanged between the actors can be different. The coordination between actors implies the need for more and flexible exchange of information allowing the participation simultaneously of multiple actors, and the treatment and analysis of large amounts of data and the assurance of data quality. Communication architecture and information model based on CIM, IEC61850 and DLMS/COSEM will be established based on use cases defined in IEC 62559.

The ESR will also interact with INESC-ID regarding new distribution system information architecture.

  • Host organisation: Électricité de France, France
  • PhD-enrolment: University of Utrecht
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Expected start date: ~Nov 2021
  • Secondment: UU (10 months)

Research Directors:

  • Dr. Thierry Coste
  • Prof. Madeleine Gibescu
  • Dr. Hugo Morais