Lunodzo Justine Mwinuka

Digital devices in energy systems (smart meters, sensors, and monitoring and control devices) generate vast amounts of data, which usually come in different formats and multiple locations. This means data generation is exponentially growing in a very small range of time, some in seconds. Efficient data management and its repurposing procure becomes of paramount importance.

This project will develop a distributed data storage tool for multiple data sources using peer-to-peer networks to prevent a single point of failure. One of the key requirements for the tool is to accommodate complex and distributed queries to ensure that data integration and fusion are made easy with maintained data accuracy, consistency, and security.

  • Host organisation: University of Salento, Italy
  • PhD-enrolment: University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico)
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Expected start date: ~September 2023
  • Secondment: Green Power Denmark (4 months)

Research Directors: